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The Importance of an Insulation Removal Vacuum

September 12, 2018

Removing old insulation is great for your home. Insulation removal is usually the result of either fire damage, water damage, or an infestation of pests or rodents. A large and durable insulation removal vacuum is necessary when tackling attics or other areas of the home that have this material. A vacuum makes the removal process efficient and offers a great turnaround time.


Insulation removal is not an easy process, so it is imperative you find a business that uses the right tools for the job. If the project is large and there is a lot of insulation to be removed, you want a company that uses our equipment. At Heat Seal Equipment, we understand what the best products are for your business.


For proper insulation extraction, be sure to use our insulation removal vacuum and other products at Heat Seal Equipment!


Insulation removal is a very delicate and sensitive practice because insulation is known for being a difficult material to work with. High-quality insulation equipment is necessary when beginning a job like this. For your business to succeed, check out our insulation removal tools at Heat Seal Equipment.


Here are our top three most valuable insulation removal equipment for your business:


  • Insulation Removal Vac: This is a heavy duty insulation removal vacuum that can get rid of all types of blown insulation. Our vacuum is portable and easy to use. It is powered by 14HP Honda Gas that has an electric start.
  • Black Knight 6" Suction Hose: Our hose is one of the best insulation removal products on the market. Made with a polythene rib on the outside and a smooth surface on the inside, it allows for a strong air flow of insulation. These features make our product perform better to our competitors wire hoses. The innertube of the Black Knight Suction Hose is made from E.P.D.M. rubber, which allows the hose to stay flexible even at cold temperatures.
  • Insulation Removal Bag: Our insulation removal bags offer a volume of up to 75 cubic feet. They come in different styles and they are essential to the insulation removal process. At Heat Seal Equipment, we believe in buying in bulk and when you order more than 50 of one type of removal vacuum bag, you are eligible for a quantity discount. When you buy more, you save more!


At Heat Seal Equipment, we have the best products for your business. Our insulation removal vacuum is one the best in the industry. Beware of tools in the market that will hurt your business, buy equipment from trusted professionals. Call or email us today to learn more about our insulation equipment!