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4 Air Duct Cleaning Essentials Every HVAC Technician Should Carry

April 09, 2021

A reputed air duct cleaning company not only hires reliable HVAC professionals but also equips them with suitable air duct cleaning equipment that are essential to get the job done.

Let’s walk you through some of these air duct cleaning tools and accessories that HVAC technicians can’t do without:

Duct cleaning rods and snakes

The only way to reach every nook and corner of long and deep air ducts is by using duct cleaning rods. They are long, slim, and lightweight hoses that have a male QD made of steel to attach brushes, whips, etc. They are also available in different lengths depending on your needs.

Snakes, on the other hand, can be used to penetrate smaller ducts such as supply vents and dryer vents.



Usually made with nylon bristles, brushes can be used for regular as well as aggressive cleaning of air ducts. When used for aggressive brushing, their bristles act like helicopter blades that can scrub the walls of air ducts to remove grease, mold, and hardened dirt.  


Skipper balls

Skipper balls are used to ruffle and loosen stubborn contaminants that are stuck in the air ducts. Powered by compressed air, these spinning ball-shaped tools are fitted to rods to eliminate hardened dirt. Skipper balls are classified into two types – forward and reverse skipper balls respectively.

They can be made of metal or plastic depending on the application. Plastic skipper balls are ideal in fiberglass ducts as they clean without causing damage. Furthermore, skipper balls combined with air whips efficiently clears dirty or clogged ducts.


Air whips

While brushes do a decent job in eliminating dust and debris, they don’t reach all the corners in the duct. Sometimes, bristles of the brush can get caught in the ducts leading to unproductive time consumption in removing them. On the other hand, air whips can clean dirty ducts without any additional attachments.


Heat Seal Equipment provides different duct cleaning rods, snakes, air whips, and more that are designed to last longer than your average duct cleaning tools.