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5 Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools Every Team Needs

June 24, 2021

If you want to provide the best vent and duct cleaning services, always use the best dryer vent cleaning tools available in the market. If you’re a small team just starting out, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the most staple tools.


Here are five dryer vent cleaning tools you'll always need:


Dryer Vent Vacuum

Vacuums are an integral dryer vent cleaning tool. They clear out blockages from vents efficiently. Plus, the telescopic wand effectively directs the vacuum towards blockage hotspots. Doing this allows you to loosen and remove the most stubborn vent dirt.


Air Compressor

Compressors deliver high-pressure air necessary to knock away sticky debris without damaging the vent interiors. Purpose-manufactured air compressors for vent cleaning cost less than industrial-level ones. With these specialized air compressors, it’s easy to break apart caked dirt.


Lint Brush

These brushes will easily remove lint from your vents. Plus, they can reach the farthest and deepest vent corners. However, it's best to use either vacuums or air compressors to remove caked dirt. Lint brushes, as their name implies, are most effective against lint, and not against thick cakes of dirt.


Nylon Rod Brush

These sturdy and lengthy brushes can have a lint brush head or other types of heads to remove stubborn dirt. For example, you can attach a steel brush head to scrub caked dirt away after you've applied detergent. These sturdy and long-lasting rods are inexpensive. In addition, they are an adaptable piece of equipment perfect for any vent cleaning situation.


Drill Brush Attachments

You can't attach a nylon rod brush to a drill. However, specially-made drill brush attachments make it possible. Drills have powerful torque and strength, and a spinning lint or steel brush can remove the most stubborn dirt instantly.


Get the Best Cleaning Tools from Dependable Manufacturers

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