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3 Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

March 25, 2022

A dryer vent is essential for carrying hot air and moisture from the dryer situated inside your house to out in the open. Such vents are essential for the effective functioning of the dryer. Safety is one of the big reasons behind cleaning the dryer vents clean.


An unclean or clogged dryer vent poses several safety hazards that could lead to fatal incidents. Such accidents can not only harm your dryer but the entire home. To prevent this, there are many dryer vent cleaning equipment that professional cleaners rely on


Sometimes you might forget to clean dryer vents due to several reasons like lack of time or awareness. 


3 signs you should get the dryer vent cleaned


Warm vent

If you notice that your drying vent is warmer than usual, it can be a sign that it is time to get the drying vent cleaned. If not paid attention to on-time, warm vents can severely damage your dryer, causing significant loss.


Clothes take longer than usual to dry

An unclean vent can severely affect the performance of your dryer. If your clothes are taking longer than usual to dry, it can be because the dryer vent has not been cleaned anytime recently. With dryer vent cleaning equipment, professional vent cleaners can fix your problem in no time.


Unusual noise or odour

Unusual noise or odour can be a sign of damage to the dryer vent. The main cause of the damage is a vent clogged with lint. When you do not clean drying vents for extended periods, lint from the washed clothes can choke the vent leading to unusual noises. If you spot an unusual odour, that can be mainly because of the growth of mould and bacteria inside the vent.

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