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3 Safety Precautions before Using Your Duct Cleaning Rods

January 26, 2021

You can buy affordable duct cleaning rods from reliable manufacturers like Heat Seal Equipment at any time. However, before you use them, you must take all precautions necessary to ensure safe cleaning procedures. Professional cleaning teams worldwide prioritize wearing masks and goggles to avoid high-velocity debris during duct cleaning and vacuuming.



Here are three more safety routines to ensure a safe duct cleaning experience.


Turn Off HVACs and Vent-Connected Equipment

It's dangerous to clean your vents with an HVAC or vent-connected equipment in operation. It's a danger to you because of the high-velocity dust and debris, and the vent system will be in danger of damage once the duct cleaning rods get inside Truthfully, HVAC cleaning requires turning off your HVAC and vent-connected machines before beginning any cleaning operations. In doing so, you can achieve optimal cleaning in all vent areas.


Vacuum the HVAC Vents

Once you've performed your preliminary HVAC cleaning with your duct cleaning rods, vacuum the HVAC vents to remove any outlying dust and debris. You'll find it challenging to work with unsettled dust and debris. Vacuuming the vents gives you a correct duct cleaning evaluation, ensuring you're not spending much more time on already-clean vent areas.


Use the Cleaning Rods and Vacuum The Vents Once Again

After vacuuming, use your cleaning rods two to three times, alternating between vacuuming and using them to dislodge the dirt. Vacuuming reduces debris inhalation risks, allowing you to work without any impediments.


Get the Best Cleaning Rods from Dependable Manufacturer

If you have yet to find a reliable manufacturer of vent cleaning equipment, you can always trust us at Heat Seal Equipment. With decades of experience and an excellent roster of products, we guarantee the best cleaning results for all our customers. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.