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How To Select A Vacuum For Insulation Removal?

June 30, 2023

Insulation installation and removal are two very different tasks. While the former uses an insulation-blowing machine, the latter uses a specialized vacuum to remove unwanted insulation. Contractors hire or purchase these vacuums to perform their tasks effectively. However, if any contractor is unsure about purchasing the right one, then knowing the following criteria can help.


Choosing An Insulation Removal Vacuum


High Negative Pressure


First and foremost, the vacuum must be powerful in terms of suction. This is to ensure that any harmful contaminants in the air are adequately absorbed while removing insulation. Using a vacuum with weak suction can create an air quality hazard.


Easy Portability


Having a portable insulation removal vacuum is as important as its suction power. Make sure it is easily maneuverable around the attic and other sections of the house to facilitate insulation removal.




If purchasing a machine, ensure its longevity in the form of corrosion resistance and performance. A sturdy, efficient machine can work wonders in the long term.


Low Inlet


Using a portable vacuum is preferable, but it still has its own hazards. One major hazard while operating is getting tipped by the inlet wire. To avoid this, try to get a machine that has a large and low set inlet so it is easy to cross over if required.


Sound Suppression


Lastly, an ideal insulation removal vacuum needs sound suppression. Although it isn’t an absolute necessity, having this feature will improve the experience of the customer. Furthermore, having accessories like dustpans or insulation removal vacuum bags makes it easier to collect and dispose of old insulation.


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