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3 Benefits of Post-Construction Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

February 14, 2023

Construction is currently booming in Ontario and all over Canada. Houses get built with the speed of light, and the need for duct cleaning services is growing too. In a setting like this, it is hard to overestimate the importance of commercial air duct cleaning. In this blog, we discuss the three undeniable benefits of commercial air duct cleaning. 


Why is commercial duct cleaning important?


If your clients are hesitant to book commercial ductwork cleaning services, here are the arguments you can present to them to tip the scale in your favour. 


Lower utility bills

When air ducts fill up with dirt and post-construction dust, the HVAC system has to work harder to make the air circulate freely, not to mention that that same air is mixed with post-construction grime and dust and is forced into the living spaces. All this results in staggering utility bills that are already high for companies. Post-construction cleaning of the commercial ductwork reduces the load on the HVAC systems and lowers utility bills for companies. 


Better air quality

Contaminated air often triggers allergy and asthma flare-ups. Dirt building up in the air ducts is inevitable after the construction, resulting in the employees and visitors of the business breathing contaminated air. To ensure clean air circulates in the commercial building, timely and regular air duct cleaning has to be performed with the help of duct cleaning tools. This applies not only to commercial buildings but to any other building that has recently undergone an extensive renovation.


Reduced odour and mould prevention

The dirt and dust that rest in the air ducts will eventually grow into the mould and spread that mouldy odour into the living space. This, again, can become very dangerous for office employees and visitors by triggering different allergies. To prevent this, air ducts need to be cleaned with powerful duct cleaning vacuums, especially if the building has been recently renovated. 


If you are a duct cleaning contractor, read our blog on the importance of buying quality duct cleaning tools. 


There are several scenarios when commercial duct cleaning needs to be done asap, and post-construction is one of them. By performing commercial air duct cleaning, not only you ensure clean air in the building but also prevent the ductwork from malfunctioning and avoid costly repairs. 


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