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Your 101 on Duct Cleaning Skipper Balls

August 15, 2016

Using the right equipment for a given role is paramount in achieving optimal results. In the removal of stubborn dirt and debris that hang on to your duct, the use of specialty duct cleaning skipper balls is paramount in ensuring cleanliness. Skipper balls ensure total removal of dust, debris, dirt, mildew and moulds from the surface through a conservative restoration approach. In fact, they add life to your duct system by ensuring that its operations are restored while protecting the moving parts from mishaps during their operation.

Whether cleaning an insulated or a non-insulated surface, the use of duct cleaning skipper balls is the best solution that will guarantee you a smooth clean up. Investing in the right equipment for the right job will also go a long way in ensuring that you achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. This, combined with the use of exceptional expertise of your technician, should lead to long-term savings on purchases and upgrades that would have resulted with poor and infrequent maintenance.

There are two types of duct cleaning skipper balls: forward splitting and reverse skipper balls. The core difference between them is the direction they spin while operating, as well as the control they have on the surface being cleaned. When given the right combination of a high magnitude air whip, skipper balls are known to be an exceptional cleaning option for tough stains. Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. is one manufacturer that offers a combination of the right craftsmanship and metallurgy skills when packaging their duct cleaning skipper balls. You can try them today and experience the sheer effectiveness of advanced cleaning solutions.