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5 Tips for Starting a Successful Duct Cleaning Business

January 17, 2023

Starting your own duct cleaning business may seem like a huge endeavour. But having a positive approach, necessary training and access to quality air duct cleaning equipment will ensure the success of your startup. This blog covers five tips that will kick-start your duct cleaning business and help you grow it successfully. 


How to start a successful duct cleaning business?


Get proper training and certification

Before starting to offer your services, you need to learn how to perform them well. NADCA offers education and training courses and allows you to become a member. They also provide ASCS and CVI certification programs and can guide you on a variety of air duct cleaning equipment available on the market. Being a member of a professional organization like NADCA gives you more credibility. It is also a credential frequently searched for by commercial clients.


Invest in equipment

Having quality air duct cleaning tools at your disposal is as important as being skillful in a duct cleaning job. Consider investing in duct cleaning vacuum, duct cleaning air compressor and other air duct cleaning tools to future-proof your business. Browse various air duct cleaning equipment providers to gain a general understanding of what is available on the market, shortlist them according to the company reviews and get in touch. 


Heat Seal is a trusted provider of quality air-handling equipment. Since 1975, they design and manufacture durable air duct cleaning tools and equipment and sell them worldwide. They also manufacture a complete line of insulation blowing and spraying equipment.


Register a business

This step is important for establishing the terms with the CRA. Register a legal entity before starting to advertise yourself as a duct cleaning services company. Failing to do so may lead to very unpleasant consequences with the CRA. 


Build Online Presence 

Create your company’s website as well as social media accounts. It is important to stay active on your social media business accounts to ensure a strong social media presence and attract new customers. You can provide your audience with air duct cleaning tips as well as educate them on different types of air duct cleaning equipment. A steady online presence will be your number-one source of new leads and customers. 


Get insurance 

As with any other business in the home improvement industry, you might need to get business insurance. Talk to an insurance agent to find out whether one is needed for your business. 


The takeaways

Starting a duct cleaning business may be stressful as it involves settling many aspects before you can engage in providing the services. However, regardless of how complicated it can get, the only way to know whether it is worth incorporating your own duct cleaning business is to actually start one.