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Duct Cleaning Vacuum: 4 Pollutants It Can Handle With Ease

February 09, 2024
Quality Air Duct Cleaning Tools In Ajax

A duct-cleaning vacuum is often touted as a critical component in air duct cleaning. Using a powerful vacuum, it can suck in any contaminants or particles present in an air duct. However, it is effective mainly on certain types of pollutants. Therefore, as a contractor, it's important what these pollutants are so specialized equipment can be implemented if it doesn’t fit in these below-mentioned categories.


4 Types Of Pollutants Handled By Duct Cleaning Vacuum


Biological Pollutants


In this category, pollutants like pet dander and pollen can be included. Essentially, it is a pollutant derived from living organisms. It can also be organisms such as bacteria or fungi. However, a vacuum is not enough to tackle microorganisms. 


Volatile Organic Compounds


The most common culprit in this case is aerosols. These particles can be extremely volatile and damage the health of people breathing that air. Therefore, they should be promptly removed using the appropriate air duct cleaning tools. Other volatile compounds can include tobacco smoke and even mothballs.


Particulate Pollutants

Particulates in this context can be something as common as dust, or specific as particular powders or smog. All of these can pollute the air and clog up the ducting if left unchecked for a long time. Fortunately, via regular duct cleaning using the appropriate tools, this problem can be nipped in the bud.


Gaseous Pollutants


Even finer than particulate matter, gaseous pollutants include toxic gasses that may or may not have an odor. Radon, nitrogen, and carbon are three of the most common varieties of gaseous pollutants. Contractors can tackle these too using a powerful duct cleaning vacuum.


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