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Finding the Right Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools for You

November 27, 2017

When dryer vents are left unattended for lengthy periods of time, the result is usually reduced energy efficiency. For most people, dryer vents are an easy aspect of the building to simply forget about as time goes on. Fortunately, service providers such as Heat Seal are making active maintenance of these important systems increasingly accessible. Using the right dryer vent cleaning tools enables you to reduce cleaning time while maintaining ideal function.


Some of the cleaning tools used are the high pressure air tools. The highly pressurized air blows through dust particles, pushing them through the dryer, fan blades and the flex hose. This ensures that all particles are removed and that the vent is clear. This process is usually preferred for its relative simplicity, and is used commonly by professional cleaners.


Another one of the useful dryer vent cleaning tools is the skipper ball, which are another means pf using air compression to clean the vent, though this one is somewhat easier to control for a finer application. Agitation tools such as flex rods powered by an electric drill are also used to loosen particles found in the dryer vents. You could even use an old-fashioned brush, though you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t risking any lasting damage to the vent itself.


The types of dryer vent cleaning tools you use will largely be dependent on the type, size, and relative cleanliness of the vent in question.


Be sure to carefully consider the exact application of a tool before attempting to use it in your own vents. All dryer vent cleaning tools are built with the same purpose in mind, but whether you want to use agitation tools, or the amount of professional input you’ll require are all variables that should be given consideration beforehand. To learn more about these tools and how you can best use them for your own facility, feel free to contact Heat Seal Equipment today.