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Finding the Best Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools for your Business

July 06, 2020

Acquiring efficient dryer vent cleaning tools is one key to make sure you offer the best cleaning services for your clients.


Heat Seal Equipment offers a complete system of dryer vent cleaning tools and accessories to effectively unclog dryer vents. Our dryer vent cleaning tools are the most reliable in the business, establishing a reputation for dependability and longevity.


Check out some of the dryer vent cleaning tools we supply:


Blue Skipper Line with SK6W Reverse Ball

The versatility of this skipper line allows you to effectively remove lint from vents from the outside of the building. With its reverse ball, it can find its way easily and blow lint and debris towards you. This skipper line is available in lengths of 25 feet, 30 feet, 35 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet and 50 feet.


Blue Skipper Line with SK3 Reverse Spinning Ball

This is another tool that can remove lint from vents outside the building. It has reverse a spinning ball that is able to reach the inner surface which then agitates, loosens, and blows the lint in reverse.  This skipper line is also available in 25 feet, 30 feet, 35 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet and 50 feet.


Dryer Vent Snake

Typically used from inside the building, this snake has scorpion female quick disconnect fittings on one end which allows you to change the agitation devices if necessary. It can be used with forward blowing scorpion tools and is stiff enough to break a bird’s nest.


Reverse Spinning Skipper Ball

This agitation device is used at the end of the snake or dryer vent snake. This spinning skipper ball will pull the snake around elbows and help blow the debris towards you.


Forward Spinning Skipper Ball

This agitation device effectively breaks debris and pushes it into the duct cleaning vacuum.


Forward Skipper Ball

This skipper ball unclogs lint and debris and blows the debris into the duct cleaning vacuum.


Reverse Skipper Ball

This reverse airflow attachment is pushed into the dryer vent from the outside. With the help of compressed air, this skipper ball loosens the lint and dust inside the dryer vent. The lint is then blown towards you.


Scorpion Spinning Brush

The bristles of this spinning brush act like helicopter blades that unclog and push debris towards you. This spinning brush works best in round ducts of 6” or less.


This package also includes a thumb valve with a female QD. This dryer vent cleaning system requires a start-up pressure of 150 PSI or greater.


To learn more about our wide selection of tools, parts, and accessories, call us at (905) 683-9223.