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Difference Between Air Whip And Rotary Brush System For Duct Cleaning

May 29, 2023

Most HVAC systems require regular cleaning to keep them functioning smoothly and efficiently. Various air duct cleaning equipment is used for this purpose, including a rotary brush and air whip. But what is the difference between the two? In this blog, these two pieces of equipment will be compared on the basis of their working mechanism so you can choose which is better for your needs.



Rotary Brush Versus Air Whip



Rotary Brush System


A rotary brush system comprises a brush connected to a cable or duct cleaning rods. This whole system is powered by a motor. When the motor is switched on, the brush spins at high speeds, just like a drill. This motion helps clear out all dust and debris it comes in contact with. This system is extremely effective for round pipes and HVAC systems, but it is not perfectly suited for tight corners and spaces.


Air Whip System


It primarily consists of multiple thin cables or whips, which are connected together using a nozzle. When this system is inserted into an air duct and the motor is turned on, it generates extreme pressure through the small holes present in the nozzle. This helps in blasting away any dust or debris in the corners or crevices. Once the dust and debris are dislodged, they can be sucked out easily using a separate vacuum. 


Therefore, selecting between these devices depends majorly on the nature of the air duct. For round ducts, a rotary brush will suffice, but for square ducts, air whips are the better option.


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