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The Process of Air Duct Cleaning

June 28, 2019

Air ducts are prone to accumulating not only dust and dirt, but other pollutants that are harmful and can cause long-term respiratory problems. Air duct cleaning equipment are useful for any building to have, considering their effectiveness at preventing the further accumulation of dirt and ensuring the efficiency of HVAC systems.


Here is what the duct cleaning process looks like:


Before you make use of your air duct cleaning equipment to clean your HVAC system, there are a number of steps you can undertake to prepare for the process:


1. The first step is a visual inspection of your air duct to see what kind of mess is going to be encountered and how much dirt has accumulated. Technicians frequently take before and after pictures to show proof of the work they have accomplished. Inspection of the ducts is usually done with a snake camera or a high powered flashlight and mirror.


2. After determining the extent of work that needs to be done, technicians will connect an 8-inch vacuum line into the return section of the duct, near the furnace.


3. It is very important to seal off the HVAC system by using covers on the supply and vent returns, creating a concentrated suction.


4. The truck-mounted vacuum system will be turned on to negative pressure so that the cleaning process can commence.


5. A technician systematically cleans the supply vent using 250 psi of compressed air while utilizing various air duct cleaning equipment including cleaning rods, air whips, air brushes, and skipper balls, which are inserted into the main duct holes. The compressed air that is created will blow away all the caked-on dust, dirt, and debris are blown away towards the vacuum.


6. This process is repeated until all air ducts are totally cleaned, after which the process is repeated on the return vents.


7. The main trunk lines in the basement can also be cleaned using air duct cleaning equipment. Air whips and reverse flow jetters propel air with an enormous force to thoroughly clean the air ducts from end to end. To ensure that there is no mess created during the cleaning process, dirt is collected through the vacuum hose.


8. The furnace fan, motor, furnace compartments, plenum, and air filters should also be cleaned. If the air filter is already worn out, it is replaced with a new one.


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