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Insulation Removal Vacuum – Your Best Option when Removing Insulation on your Attic

March 09, 2017

Home insulation is important for energy efficiency and a comfortable living space but there are instances when insulation has to be removed. Insulation in the attic that has been damaged by water or heavily infested with rodents has to be carefully removed and replaced with a new one that will bring the attic insulation to the required rating. The best method of removal is with an insulation removal vacuum to ensure a clean job without any mess left behind.

Why insulation in the attic has to be removed

  • There are disadvantages to over insulating the attic. The first drawback is economics because you do not need more insulation after you have satisfied the required density. About 20 inches of insulation is enough for an energy efficient home and adding more can put stress on your rafters. If the attic is over insulated, the best you can do is remove 12 inches worth of insulation through insulation removal vacuum. Energy efficiency will still be maintained and your home’s structure will not be compromised.
  • Attic insulation can be damaged by too much moisture when you have a leaking roof or a burst pipe. Even if the insulation eventually dries out over time, it loses its effectiveness because of the presence of clumps. This is especially true if you are using fiberglass insulation. Wet insulation is also the perfect ground for molds and mildew to grow. The insulation removal vacuum will create negative pressure in the attic so that all the damaged insulation will be sucked up by the collection device.
  • Rodent infestation is also common in insulated attics where there are gaps in the exterior wood sheathing. Insulation becomes unsafe because of the rodent droppings in the attic. Instead of calling a Pest Control Company to take charge of the infestation a better option to get rid of them completely is the insulation removal vacuum. However, before you replace insulation with a new one, make sure to cover all holes and gaps to stop the rodents from making their way inside the attic. It does not take a big hole for rodents to enter as they can easily access the lines where the roof intersects.
  • When you are remodeling your home, one of your concerns should be the replacement of attic insulation particularly if it is has been installed some 10 to 20 years ago. It is not only aesthetics that should take precedence but your insulation, plumbing and electrical systems to ensure the health and safety of the family.

Insulation removal can be a dangerous project to work with. You do not know what type of debris can be found in the damaged insulation and that it why it is suggested to hire professionals. A custom designed, high powered vacuum will work efficiently to collect the insulation without any disturbance to your home. Attempting to remove insulation by yourself can be risky because insulation materials in previous years are made of asbestos and fiberglass. If you do not have the proper protective equipment, you will be compromising your health.