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An Overview of Different Duct Cleaning Methods

December 30, 2022

Duct cleaning is a challenging task that requires the use of specialized air duct cleaning equipment and tools. In this blog, we will review different duct cleaning methods contractors can use to clean a home or a commercial building.


What are the different duct cleaning methods?


Method #1 - Duct cleaning vacuum with a brush

Duct cleaning vacuums with a brush are medium-sized machines featuring a spinning brush mounted onto the hose. They are good for light cleanup of dirt and dust and can only do a superficial cleaning of the ductwork. Thus, as they are incapable of lifting and suctioning heavy debris, these pieces of equipment are not good for heavy-duty duct cleaning. 


Method #2 - Compact portable air duct cleaning equipment 

Portable air duct cleaning equipment is a cube van or a box truck with a portable vacuum mounted into the truck. The vacuum features a 50-horsepower motor that forces air pressure. A hose is connected to the truck-mounted vacuum. It is dragged through the home and down to the furnace room where it’s connected to the ductwork. A portable duct cleaning vacuum can suction up to 10,000 cubic feet of air per min.


Method #3 - Full-size truck-mount duct cleaning equipment

Full-size truck-mount duct cleaning vacuums are capable of suctioning heavy debris as they run off the truck engine. This type of powerful air duct cleaning equipment is specifically built for deep cleaning the ducts so it can be easily used in commercial air duct cleaning projects. A suction fan of these machines is powered by a diesel engine and can draw up to 18,000 cubic feet of air per minute. The truck features several large filter bags that collect dirt and debris suctioned through the hose. 


Project specifications dictate the choice of air duct cleaning equipment. If you are a duct cleaning contractor, consider having different equipment available in your shop to fulfill projects of all sizes and complexities.


Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. is a proud manufacturer of quality air duct cleaning equipment and accessories. We have been in business since 1975 and know best what type of equipment our clients need to be successful in their business. Contact us today to get more information about the equipment we offer or inquire about a machine of your choice.