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How to Effectively Use Duct Cleaning Skipper Balls

August 27, 2021

Duct cleaning skipper balls are efficient tools used to handle stubborn caked debris and dirt inside ducts and vents. Fortunately, cleaning teams can find affordable duct cleaning skipper balls from dependable cleaning equipment and tool manufacturers, such as Heat Seal Equipment.



Here are four quick tips to maximize the effectiveness of your duct cleaning skipper balls:



Plan Your Angle of Attack

The effective use of duct cleaning skipper balls has to be preceded by a thorough understanding of a vent or duct system’s pathways, intersections, and overall design. Cleaning teams can plot where to use gravity to their benefit, ensuring an impactful agitation of stubborn dirt and debris in no time. These cleaning balls can also go forward or backward depending on the manufacturer's design, so it is important to plan your angle of attack before proceeding to maximize efficiency.


Get the Best-Density Balls Available

High-quality cleaning equipment manufacturers, such as Heat Seal Equipment, can provide teams with balls of varying density. These balls use high-density plastic, making them invulnerable against caked dust and dirt while effectively dislodging them for easy vacuuming and cleaning. Get the right tools that are properly dense for the kind of cleaning you will be performing. A low-density skipper ball will not be effective at all in environments with intense dirt buildup.


Clean Your Tools Properly

Make sure your duct cleaning skipper balls have been properly cleaned and dried in between uses. This goes for virtually all your tools—if they have not been properly cleaned and maintained in their downtime, not only will they not work properly when they are in use, they will also decay and breakdown a lot faster. Clean all your tools properly and make sure they are nice and dry before using them.


Get the Best Duct Cleaning Skipper Balls Today

At Heat Seal Equipment, we supply the best cleaning tools for ducts and vents. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.