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How to Clean Your HVAC Without Damaging It?

May 21, 2016

Air duct systems can be irritatingly consistent in their accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, and even mold and mildew. While dust in the system is not necessarily hazardous, keeping the air ducts clean will ensure the overall efficiency of the system. In order for air duct cleaning to be done properly, it is important to use the right pneumatic tools, such as skipper balls, to prevent any damage to the system.

The most common pneumatic cleaning tools are blowguns and directional air skippers that drive dirt and dust from the HVAC to a collection device. It is important to use these carefully, however, so as not to damage the fiberglass lining of the ducts. Thorough duct cleaning that won’t cause damage to the insulation fabric of the system is thus best left to professional technicians.

Fiberglass insulation lining of the HVAC should never be cleaned with metallic bristles. Different types of skipper balls are used for this gentle but thorough cleaning. Forward spitting skipper balls excel in small round ductwork, while reverse spinning skipper balls and reverse offset jet skipper balls can be controlled more precisely and provide a more thorough cleaning. A skipper ball and air whip combination make a clean sweep of the system, targeting anything from mold and mildew to insects and rodent hair and droppings. 

Pneumatic tools require large amounts of pressure to be supplied to them so that they can clean efficiently and within a short time. Compressed air systems are used in air duct cleaning by providing power to the pneumatic tools. Professionals must ensure that these systems function properly before proceeding with the cleaning.