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Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools for Clog-free Duct Vents

February 25, 2020

Some homeowners resort to vacuum cleaners to unclog lint and debris from their ducts. However, most homes have a long duct run. This creates more space for lint to accumulate or for critters and other house insects to hide in, rendering a simple vacuum cleaner ineffective. This is why professional duct cleaning services use specialized dryer vent cleaning tools to achieve the best results.


Below are just some of the products and tools that Heat Seal Equipment offers. They are easy to use and much more effective at cleaning clogged dryer vents:


1. Blue skipper line tubing

The perfect match for reverse blowing skipper balls, blue skipper line tubing is designed to give the operator more control. You can operate the tubing by twisting one end, thus triggering movement on the other end of the tubing. Made of urethane, the skipper line is flexible enough to go through the curves inside the vent yet firm enough to prevent the nozzle from twining back towards you.


2. Reverse blowing spinning skipper balls

At times, even the use of brushes or air wands will not be enough to remove the lint inside clogged vents. Thankfully, reverse blowing spinning skipper balls are extremely effective especially in removing lint in smaller ducts. As an agitation tool, the skipper ball spins at a high velocity and blasts air out to break up the dust and debris. The skipper ball then blows the debris in the reverse direction or backwards towards the duct cleaning vacuum. 


3. Scorpion spinning brush

The Scorpion spinning brush is able to utilize more torque to blow. It is commonly used when super aggressive brushing is required. Its bristles act like helicopter blades and help push debris back towards the duct cleaning vacuum.


Indeed, the right set of dryer vent cleaning tools is sure to keep your dryers well-maintained, allowing you to more efficiently and safely clean them. Check out the different dryer vent cleaning tools that we supply on our website.