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Steps Involved In Dryer Vent Cleaning

June 30, 2022

Dryer vents are essential for the optimal performance of your dryers. Lint from your clothes get accumulated in the vent with time. Although lint filters do a great job of trapping them, not all of it is prevented from going to the dryer vent.

Accumulated lint, dust and debris clog the dryer vent, causing congestion. If not cleaned from the vent regularly, lint and other particles lead to several issues like fire hazard and carbon monoxide buildup. Duct cleaning contractors can be relied upon to clean your dryer vents thoroughly. They have a wide range of dryer vent cleaning tools that make the entire task easy. 

We discuss in this blog the steps involved in dryer vent cleaning.


Locating the vent
The first step in dryer vent cleaning is to locate the vent. It is usually situated at the back of the house, blowing out the hot air from the dryer through the back of the house to prevent fire hazards. 

Once the vent is located, the next step is to open the dryer vent cover. Checking for any damage to the cover is esential as they play an essential role in preventing birds from nesting in the dryer vents. The cover is also crucial to prevent outside air from disrupting the dryer's airflow.

Use of dryer vent cleaning tools
A wide range of tools like vaccums, brushes, whips, and flexible crevice are used by contractors to clear the duct of any dust, lint, and debris. The contractors choose the best tools from their arsenal depending on the type and size of the dryer vents. 

Profession contractors possess useful equipment like airflow monitors to inspect and verify the effectiveness of the duct cleaning process. If the airflow has significantly increased after the cleaning process, it means that the dryer vent cleaning tools were effective.

If you are an air duct or dryer vent cleaning professional, you can source the best tools and dryer vent cleaning equipment from us at Heat Seal Equipment. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.