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3 Problems Plaguing Industrial Insulation

March 05, 2024
Major Insulation Removal Vacuum Manufacturers In Ajax

Insulation is critical for both residential and commercial applications. The latter is even more important as poor insulation can adversely impact the output of a business. Consequently, it has to be removed using an insulation removal vacuum and re-installed. To avoid this altogether, it’s important to understand some common insulation problems so they can be prevented.


Issues With Industrial Insulation


Using The Wrong Material


The most basic error is using the wrong insulation material. When it comes to industrial insulation, the requirements are quite specific. Therefore, the insulation material should also be specific. However, in a bid to be more cost-effective, contractors might end up installing the wrong material for a particular job.


Excess Or Insufficient Insulation


If the material is the right fit, one can get the quantity wrong. More insulation might sound great on paper, but in reality, it leads to diminishing returns. Similarly, less insulation leads to more heat leakage, thereby driving up energy costs. Thus, a fine balance is necessary. For best results, the R-value for a geographical installation area as specified by the IECC should be considered.


Incorrect Installation


Another common issue observed is incorrect installation procedures. Industrial insulation requires robust protective measures such as a vapour barrier and outer sheath. It is even more important to protect the joints from exposure to moisture and corrosive elements. Therefore, they must be secured with pressure-sensitive tape and caulked for good measure. Not following these practices leads to incorrect installation, warranting a removal with an insulation removal vacuum and collecting it in an appropriate insulation removal vacuum bag.


To conclude, apart from outright damage from unforeseen circumstances, most problems pertaining to poor industrial insulation can be easily resolved by solving these three issues. 


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