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Air Duct Cleaning Tools – The WOW Factor

October 19, 2016

If debris and contaminants are held in your HVAC system, specialty air duct cleaning tools are required to clean it. These include simple hand tools as well as abrasive track mounted equipment used in loosening the dirt and contaminants on the vent as well as expelling them out once cleaning has been done. 

Precautions in air duct cleaning 

Irrespective of their use in vent cleaning duties, various air duct cleaning tools are required to complement each other for the role. Their use is also determined by the nature of the surfaces on which they are to be used. For instance, with fiber glass HVAC linings being highly sensitive to abrasive scrubbing, light hand tools such as air skippers and blowguns are recommended. At the same time, abrasive cleaning tools such as high pressure vacuum cleaners should not be used on sensitive parts of the duct system such as the ductboard, ductwork, and the flexduct. 

Have the right tools for the job? 

Another class of air duct cleaning tools that is easily overlooked is the vacuum collection devices. These include a variety of HEPA and wet vacuum systems used to collect the contaminants and debris when cleaning a vent. Factually speaking, every HVAC system comes with a list of recommended vacuum cleaners that only best suit their processes. Some come with HEPA fitted filtration sieves, while others do not. The selection of each category of vacuum cleaners is primarily driven by the specifics of the project. 

Tech know-how 

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