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The 3 Things You Should Remember when Using Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

December 27, 2018

We are leaders in the manufacturing and development of dryer vent cleaning equipment. Our easy-to-use tools are ideal for cleaning all types of plugged dyer vents.


What Does Using Our Equipment Offer?


Using the right equipment will give you a more efficient edge. We only produce high-quality and high-efficiency dryer vent cleaning tools for air duct cleaning and air handling to guarantee customer satisfaction every time. Using the correct tools will ultimately result in an easier and more effective clean-up of dryer vents. We offer a variety of different package solutions to assist you in the unplugging of your vents regardless of scope.


What Should You Remember When Using Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment?


The following are 3 important factors to consider when using dryer vent cleaning tools:

1. Clean the Dryer Connection – The dryer connection is the device that connects the dryer vent to the wall. It is typically made from flexible aluminum foil and a slightly rigid aluminum pipe. It is imperative that the dryer connection is cleaned.

2. Use a Strong Aluminum Vent Pipe – If you must use a dryer through your wall, be sure to use an aluminum vent pipe to have your air ducts cleaned easily and efficiently.

3. Use Plastic Vent Hoods – Using plastic vent hoods have a UV resistant coating which acts as protection from discoloration from the sun. You can also paint plastic vent hoods to match the exterior of your home.


Some Final Words

We are industry leaders in the design, development, and distribution of the most efficient top quality air handling equipment. We are a complete supply house for insulation blowing and spraying contractors, and provide dryer vent cleaning tools, products, and equipment. Whatever your needs may be - Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. manufactures the quality you need at affordable prices. Consider giving us a call today to allow us to show you that we can get the job done.