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Role Of Duct Mask Rolls, Vent Magnet And Blow Guns

June 28, 2023

Duct cleaning is an important part of maintaining any home or commercial property. A variety of air duct cleaning equipment is used for this purpose, including a duct cleaning vacuum, a suction hose, skipper balls, and more. However, a duct cleaning setup might also use some other miscellaneous tools to perform the task effectively. In this blog, 3 such air duct cleaning equipment will be examined in detail.


Miscellaneous Air Duct Cleaning Equipment


Duct Mask Rolls


It is a form of adhesive roll which can be applied over air duct grilles or vents to prevent dust or debris from escaping during a duct cleaning process. After placing the temporary seal, they can be removed after cleanup without leaving a mark on the grilles or vents.


Vent Magnet Covers


These are similar to duct mask rolls but made of a different, sturdier material. They can be attached to air duct vents with the aid of strong magnets in order to keep the duct system from further contamination. Unlike duct mask rolls, these covers can be reused. 


Blow Gun


This air duct cleaning equipment uses highly pressurized, compressed air to clean inside the duct. The strong blast of air can be used to remove stubborn pieces of dirt or debris, ensuring a thoroughly clean duct.


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