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4 Best Thermal Insulation Materials Your Business Should Invest In

April 14, 2021

Efficient thermal insulation is a valuable investment for your business. Without it, humidity, molds, and corrosion would compromise the integrity of your building structure or machinery. 

A poorly-insulated industrial set up can also cause machine downtime and shorten equipment life. It could also lead to health hazards for your employees. 

Let’s compare the four materials commonly used with an insulation blowing machine for thermal insulation 


One of the popular insulation materials is fiberglass. With an R-value of 4.3 per inch, fiberglass batts are better than a blow in insulation. However, fiberglass can irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs if not handled properly. Utmost care is also required when using this material with an insulation blowing machine


Made of recycled cardboard and paper, cellulose is an eco-friendly alternative to other insulation materials. And like fiberglass, it has a high R-value making it an ideal insulating material for those who want to minimize their environmental impact. Though cellulose could sag over time, thus reducing its R rating. Cellulose can be installed either wet or dry with an insulation blowing machine

Mineral Wool (Rock or slag)

Mineral wool could be a great option if one needs a thermal insulation material with excellent soundproofing properties. As an insulating material, mineral wool is moisture resistant and non-combustible. However, its desirable features also come with a price. Mineral wool can be 20% to 50% more expensive than fiberglass. Like fiberglass, mineral wool should be handled with care during application as it can irritate the skin and cause lung diseases. 

Polyurethane (PU) foam

PU foam is fire resistant and is easy to apply in tight spaces. It is also great for soundproofing. Spray foam insulation has drawbacks as well. First, it involves higher installation costs. Second, the application should be done by professionals. 

Thermal insulation can make or break your business growth. So carefully choose the appropriate insulation material as it is crucial to achieving efficient thermal insulation. 

For your thermal insulation needs, Heat Seal Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of insulation blowing machines, tools, and accessories. Contact us to see what we can offer to your business!