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4 Reasons To Opt For An Electric Insulation Blowing Machine

December 15, 2023
Insulation Blowing Machine In Ajax By Heat Seal

An insulation blowing machine is a handy tool for any contractor looking to install quality insulation on a property. There are numerous types of insulation-blowing machines, prominent ones being gas-powered, electric and hybrid versions. In this blog, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., a manufacturer of quality duct cleaning vacuum and other air handling tools in Ajax, explores the 4 undeniable benefits of an electric insulation blowing machine.


Why Opt For An Electric Insulation Blowing Machine?


Highly Portable


An electric insulation blowing machine is lightweight and easily portable compared to its gas-powered counterparts. Therefore, it can be easily transported in vans and handled by a small team of insulation contractors. This also makes it easy to maneuver on the job site.


Reduced Noise


Although an insulation blowing machine is by no means silent in operation, the electrical version is much quieter than the conventional one. This means it is easier to communicate at the job site, reduces noise pollution and consequently, a smoother experience for both the contractors and the client.


No Fumes


Being electric in operation, it is much more sustainable from an environmental perspective. It doesn’t release any fumes which are commonplace in gas-powered insulation blowing machines. This once again makes it an excellent choice for installing insulation in small areas such as houses.


Decent Power


Even though the electrical blowing machine is not as powerful as the conventional one, it still has decent horsepower. In fact, over the years, electrical insulation blowing machines have improved in this department. Therefore, for small contract work, especially in a residential setting, this type of blowing machine is the best choice.


If you are on the lookout for an insulation-blowing machine, duct-cleaning vacuum, or insulation removal tools, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. can help. We are a Canadian company that designs and manufactures high-quality and durable air-handling equipment. Contact us today to place an order or inquire.