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3 Steps To Connect Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags To The Machine

October 21, 2021

An insulation removal vacuum bag or insulation removal vacuum kit is a piece of equipment used to remove insulation in walls, ceilings, or other materials. The vacuum bag is usually made out of polyethylene or polypropylene and is approximately 30 inches by 36 inches in size. Insulation removal vacuum bags are used in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner, usually with a hose attachment. The bag is sometimes used to remove insulation from an attic or ceiling.

How To Connect Your Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags?

Step 1

Unscrew the metal part from the front of the bag. This will reveal the handles on either side of the bag. Grab one of these handles and pull it away from the centre.

Step 2

Wrap your hand around the cord near where you pulled out the handles of the bag. Gently pull on both cords at once for 30 seconds, or until you feel some resistance. Then stop pulling for 10 seconds before pulling again for another 30 seconds, continuing this pattern until there is no more resistance coming through to your hand.

This will release any remaining air inside the cord that was clogged by insulation or debris, trimming it back so it can't get into your vacuum cleaner hose when you pull it.

Step 3

Start the vacuum and try to test it on a few items. Check if you've adequately secured the vacuum bag in place. If it inflates, then you're ready to use the vacuum bag. If the bag comes loose, you can secure it safely with generous amounts of duct tape around the bag by overlapping it with the machine.

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