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Duct Cleaning Vacuum Systems For All Types of Applications

July 31, 2018

Duct cleaning vacuums have quite an interesting remit to fulfill. They must be portable enough that they can be carried from job to job, robust enough that they don’t break while being transported and moved around, and be sufficiently powerful to make sure the job is completed effectively and efficiently.


At Heat Seal we understand the variable nature of jobs and how each contractor has different requirements for his or her duct cleaning vacuum. As such, our equipment is designed to balance these various requirements and includes thoughtful touches that make your job just that little bit more convenient.


Here are a few aspects of our duct cleaning vacuums that makes them ideal for all your applications.


Sizes – Our duct cleaning vacuum systems come in a number of sizes and configurations, making them suitable for mounting in any type of van or truck. Be it for smaller applications or large industrial complexes, our vacuums can meet the need.


Fuel type – Our vacuums come in various fuel configurations. From diesel powered powerhouses that are suitable for large jobs, we also have portable electrically powered vacuums. It means you can choose the power option that is most suitable for your needs.


Longevity – Our duct cleaning vacuum systems are built with long term operation in mind. We design and engineer products for up to 20 years of operational life. With regular maintenance our vacuums will provide reliable service.


Heat Seal is the trusted go-to for insulation blowing machines, insulation removal, dryer vent cleaning and more. We are one of the most reputed equipment and accessory makers in the industry, and our machines are known for their thoughtful touches. Other than supplying a large customer base in Toronto and the GTA our products are shipped USA- and Canada-wide.


We also stock a full range of tune-up and replacement parts. We also have a full range of airline fittings, skipper balls and a variety of other duct cleaning, insulation blowing and removal accessories.