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Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags 101: How to Dispose of Old Insulation

September 01, 2021

When it comes to redoing the insulation in your home or building, leaving the work to trusted experts is the way to go. These experts will have all the right equipment, such as insulation removal vacuum bags, to collect all the old insulation and dispose of it properly.


Have you ever wondered how insulation gets recycled? The truth is, the answer is complex as methods vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. The common thread for all these methods is that the right tools have to be used, most notably an insulation removal vacuum bag.


What makes an insulation removal vacuum bag different from regular garbage bags?


There are many selling points of insulation removal bags:


  1. The ability to attach directly to the vacuum. Insulation gets instantly vacuumed out into to the bag.
  2. Larger sizes than garbage bags.
  3. Reusability.
  4. Material strength.


The most important point here is the last. Insulation removal bags are made of polypropylene, a kind of thermoplastic. This is what gives it its durability, thus making it reusable. However, even in the short-term, this material’s strength brings great benefits. Garbage bags rip easily, and as such there is no guarantee that they will hold the insulation within properly. As insulation is let out into the environment, it can become a harmful contaminant to the environment and to human health.


Therefore, if businesses want to successfully recycle your insulation, they have to make sure they store it inside insulation removal bags. If you are taking care of your own insulation, you must also acquire the appropriate bags before proceeding. When you are done accumulating all the old insulation inside the proper bags, you will then most likely need to transport the bags to a recycling collection center.


This is because most municipalities in Ontario do not offer curbside pickup services for insulation. However, they do recycle the material in facilities where citizens can drop off their old insulation.


Insulation must be recycled. Most often, it is made from fiberglass materials and plastics such as cellulose. These materials can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Do your part as a responsible citizen to help our recycling facilities properly take care of these products.