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4 Things To Consider While Purchasing A Duct Cleaning Vacuum

May 16, 2024
Quality Air Handling Manufacturers In Ajax

Duct cleaning vacuum is a vital tool during professional duct cleaning. The powerful suction of the vacuum helps dislodge any stubborn dust and debris. Due to its significance, it is vital to select the right type of duct cleaning vacuum for the best possible results. In this blog, 4 such factors or criteria will be explored in detail.


Factors To Consider For Vacuum


Suction Power


The most important factor is the suction power of a duct cleaning vacuum. It determines how effectively it can remove dust, debris and other pollutants in the HVAC system. Any type of commercial duct cleaning vacuum with a strong enough suction power features a two stage vacuum system with HEPA filters. 


Power Consumption


Of course, the stronger the suction power of a duct cleaning vacuum, the more power it will consume during usage. The key here is to try to strike a balance between the two features, or, at the very least, inform the client of air duct cleaning equipment’s power usage so they are aware.


Assembly Quality


The next factor to consider is the assembly quality. Made of different constituent parts, the assembly quality will determine the durability of a commercial vacuum. Always strive for high-quality duct cleaning vacuum, as poor quality ones can break down without warning, leading to major downtime and repairs down the road.


Excellent After-Sales Services


Apart from build quality, it is also vital to see if the air duct cleaning equipment has an excellent after-sales service. This is very important as a good service team can help in quick resolution in case of malfunction or part breakdown.


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