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Skipper Ball Replacement

November 24, 2020

Metal bristle brushes aren't the gentlest brushes you can use for cleaning certain vents. Skipper balls are highly effective for fiberglass vents and other easily breakable materials because they provide a subtle yet complete removal of dust and debris from vents. However, these cleaning tools can wear and tear over time. 


Here are four definitive factors to help you figure out when to replace your skipper balls:


Dented and Thoroughly Damaged Ball Head

Skipper balls collide with debris and dust inside the vent without damaging other interior materials. As a result, the balls sometimes come out with nicks on their surface even if the vent itself has been left unharmed. These damages to the surface of the ball will slowly decrease their lifespan over time. If you've seen deep dents, be prepared to replace them sooner rather than later.


Detaching Ball

While most cleaning technicians will attest to attaching skipper balls with epoxy or other industrial adhesives, it can still detach and get lost in vents without proper manufacturer-appointed anchoring. Truthfully, it isn't worth the resources to repair a damaged skipper ball. You can get more mileage and profit with a new one.


Inefficient Cleaning

If your skipper ball does not have any damages but is inefficient in cleaning, it's best for you to replace it. Sometimes, this can happen if you have been using equipment from untested and unproven manufacturers.


In Use for More Than Ten Years

Any tool that has gone through maximal usage for more than a decade will show signs of aging and inefficiency. If you've been using your skipper ball for more than ten years, you need to replace it immediately.


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