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The Right Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools for the Job

September 21, 2016

There are numerous dryer vent cleaning tools on the market that one can successfully use when servicing their vent systems. Some are truck-mounted while others are portable hand held machines. The difference primarily lies on their efficiency and their ability to clean your systems. Popular dryer vent cleaning tools can be classified into four main categories:

  • Access tools
  • Inspection tools
  • Hand cleaning tools
  • Vacuum collection tools

Access tools

These are devices and tools used by technicians to gain access to the vent system during inspection, maintenance, or cleaning. These types of dryer vent cleaning tools are used to examine vents through microscopic holes, or entry panels during optical imaging, physical entry or mechanized inspection. It is worth noting that each type of HVAC system has its specific access tools that allow for the access to the vent. At the same time, you should note that not all dryer vent cleaning tools on the market are best suited for the job – only the right tools are!

Inspection tools

Also called Visual Inspection Devices (VIDs), inspection tools are used to evaluate the levels of debris build-up and contamination of your HVAC system. They are also used to monitor the cleaning process and a core requisite to excellent service delivery. Common vent inspection tools best fitted for the job include hand-held mirrors, CCTV systems, SLR cameras, and direct-view periscopes among others.

Hand cleaning tools

Hand-held duct cleaning tools are used to loosen debris from the ductwork and other parts of the HVAC system, and include power brushes for manual operations and pneumatic devices for mechanized maintenance works.

Vacuum collection devices

A specialty class of vent maintenance systems include vacuum collection devices that are used to create pressure within an HVAC system with the aim of controlling the spread of contaminants. This specialty class of dryer vent cleaning tools allows technicians working on your vent to control any loose debris from spreading to other parts already cleaned or pre-worked before the process. They encompass a wide array of services including both truck-mounted and hand-held equipment.