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4 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Scrub Brush

November 01, 2023
duct cleaning scrub brush

Among the numerous air duct cleaning tools available for contractors, the scrub brush remains quite important. Comprising thick bristles and an opening to release pressurized air, it is a two-in-one duct cleaning solution. However, with continuous use, they can become worn out and malfunction. Therefore, as a cleaning contractor, it's vital to know when your scrub brush is due for a replacement. This blog explores 4 such signs.


When To Change Your Scrub Brush?


Loss Of Bristles


The most obvious sign is missing bristles after each duct cleaning job. A new scrub brush has strong bristles that handle tough stains and debris. However, eventually, it will start to fall. So if you notice empty pores in your scrub brush, you are overdue for a replacement.


Bending Of Bristles


Before the bristles are broken, they will start bending and scattering away. This is also evident, as a new brush will have compact bristles. However, when the brush is used roughly to remove problematic debris from ducts, the pressure can cause bending after prolonged use. Therefore, if you find that your air duct cleaning equipment exhibits these signs, order a new one immediately.


Harder To Wash


With prolonged use, the debris on the scrub brush will become harder to remove. If you find that the debris on your scrub brush is not coming off easily, it is losing its effectiveness and it is best to get it replaced as soon as possible.


It’s Been In Operation For More Than Three Years


The maximum shelf life of a duct rod/scrub brush is three years. Using it for more than this period will lead to the above-mentioned symptoms. Thus, it's best to get it replaced ahead of time before problems arise. 



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