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Selecting the Right Insulation Blowing Machine

February 25, 2021

Insulation blowing machines are required for a variety of different operations. Choosing the right one for your team’s work depends on a variety of factors. There is no place for a one-size-fits-all principle because choosing the exact right machine for your needs can make up the difference in productivity. Hence, it is very important that you carefully size up your applications and seek expert advice before choosing your machine.


Here are some tips to keep in mind:


For example, if you are working on a home improvement project in which your team will be doing air sealing while crawling in and out of tighter space, or working on something that involves insulation, a piece of truck-mounted equipment that works with 100 bags every hour would be a bad idea. In addition, if you will be using the insulation blowing machine while vacuuming out the crawl spaces, then a smaller machine would be a better option as opposed to something on a larger scale.


On the other hand, if your application demands you to fill the walls and ceiling of big, multi-family infrastructures and buildings, then selecting a bigger insulation blowing machine loaded in a box truck would be a more suitable measure. Another significant consideration to think about is whether your equipment would be remote or cordless. Though most of these machines are still corded, a wireless selection would be a lot easier to work with in certain situations, though it is still important that you also have a corded unit as a backup.


Lastly, never overlook the need for repair or replacement kits. Have them handy when you are out on your projects as you may need them should something bad happen to the seals. More importantly, ensure that the package also comes with dry lubrication. Always see to it that the equipment has been checked for any potential issues so that your operations will not be disrupted by any unexpected damage to the machine.


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