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Choosing The Right Insulation Blowing Machine For The Job

October 01, 2020

Homes and buildings that are properly insulated offer better heating and cooling indoor space. This is why insulation has a crucial role to play in giving homeowners more energy-efficient and safe living. So, it is very important that the insulation is correctly installed, intact and well-maintained. To achieve this, an insulation blowing machine will be a big help. The air pressure that is produced by the blower or compressor blows the insulation out from the sealed chamber through the hose.


This equipment usually comes in two types, electric-powered and gas-powered. It works well with the aid of multiple accessories such as hoses, fittings, and fill tubes. 


The application of an insulation blowing machine has been proven to provide great benefits to users. However, in order to highly benefit from this equipment, there are several key concerns to be considered when choosing this machine. Deciding on which unit works best for your needs is not a one-size-fits-all selection. An insulation machine that is too large can increase your operating costs while one that is too small can restrict your operation. Thus, what you need to buy is a machine that perfectly matches your application and this can be achieved by sizing up your work correctly. Once this is done, here are the other crucial factors to consider.  


  • Availability of a power source and a backup in the job site for electric blowing machine

  • Accessories necessary for gas-powered units

  • Capacity of the machine for the required work duration

  • Level of maintenance needed as well as the availability of parts and service


Ensuring these things are determined can help your machine work at optimum efficiency. Finally, you have to decide whether you’ll benefit more from a cordless or remote insulation blowing machine. Many of these machines utilize a corded remote but the wireless option also offers better convenience. Whichever option you go for, just don’t forget to have a backup ready just in case something wrong happens during the operation. Keeping in mind all these factors will surely let you find the most suitable machine for increased productivity and profitability of your business.