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Quality Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

February 14, 2018

Air quality in a given work space is very important as it ensures the health and satisfaction of the workforce.  Illnesses caused by poor ventilation or even air borne diseases can result in work stoppage and lost profits. Furthermore, unsanitary conditions and bad air quality opens up any business to liability.  It is for these reason that having the right air duct cleaning equipment is essential to maintaining a healthy environment as well as a healthy work force.

Heat Seal has been operating since 1975 in a wide range of industries - specializing in vents, ducts, insulation and air quality.


When it comes to maintenance and air duct cleaning equipment we offer industry leading brands for vacuums, dryers, compressors, skipper balls, cleaning solutions, hand-held tools and much more.



Aside from our expertise in air duct cleaning equipment and tools, we also provide the following services:



Quality Advisory Services. Heat Seal Equipment can provide advice regarding air handling equipment uk best as well as air duct cleaning and the equipment needed for maintenance purposes. This expertise is borne out of decades of quality service provided to many clients in the GTA.


Top Notch Design Services. Heat Seal Equipment has the expert capacity to design and develop air handling equipment customized to the needs of any given structure.  During the construction phase, Heat Seal Equipment can provide the most efficient air handling equipment available for the structure.


Industry Standard Maintenance Services.  As part of its expertise, we also provide maintenance services and quality air essays services duct cleaning equipment. We offer equipment and expertise that reflects the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the industry.


Get in touch with Heat Seal today to speak with an expert technician or to schedule a consultation on site. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, so call or visit today!