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The Essentials About Insulation Removal

June 14, 2019

Insulation removal is all about removing old insulation after it has deteriorated from fire and water damage, or perhaps from an infestation of rodents. A large and tough insulation removal vacuum is necessary for this process so that you can easily discard old insulation.


The cost of removing insulation depends on multiple factors. However, the most important factor is how much insulation and roofing debris are going to be removed. More labor and more vacuum disposal bags are required the more insulation needs to be removed.


What are the types of equipment you should use for insulation removal?


Insulation removal is a very intricate task since it involves the removal of insulation that, over the years, may have become totally stuck to the surface. Thus, only high-quality insulation equipment and materials are acceptable.


Here are the three most important equipment that you use for the removal of insulation.


1. Insulation Removal Vacuum – Heat Seal Equipment Ltd supplies a heavy duty insulation removal vacuum that can get rid of all types of blown insulation. These vacuums are portable and easy to handle, and are powered by 14HP Honda Gas with Electric Start. It is also water resistant with a 5-year warranty on the engine.


2. Black Knight 6" Suction Hose – This hose is made out of polythene rib on the outside. It has a smooth inside that facilitates strong air flow. All these make the Black Knight perform better than many other hoses that use wires. It also has an inner tube made from E.P.D.M. rubber. This makes the hose stay flexible even at freezing temperatures.


3. Insulation Removal Bag – Heat Seal has a wide selection of insulation removal vacuum bags with volumes of about 75 cubic feet. With a purchase of 50 or more of one type of insulation removal vacuum bags, you will receive a quantity discount.


Some Final Reminders


If you follow all the procedures and use great equipment, the insulation removal process should be smooth-sailing. Avoid tools such as vacuums that have special spinning brushes on the end of the hose. They usually get fail to get into the main trunk lines and cannot suck up woodchips, insulation, and chunks of drywall. Get in touch today to learn more about our insulation removal vacuums!