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A Guide To Choosing Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

November 07, 2022

If you are a duct cleaning service provider looking to outperform your competitors, having all the necessary air duct cleaning equipment at your disposal is crucial. This blog reveals some of the most common duct cleaning tools and equipment used in air duct cleaning. 


Overview of Air Duct Cleaning Tools and Equipment


Access tools

To access the ductwork and to achieve better cleaning, professional cleaners sometimes need to drill holes in the walls. To do this, they will use drills and other assistive equipment. 


Inspection equipment

Sometimes the ductwork is so clogged with dirt and dust, that light superficial cleaning won’t make much of a difference. Therefore, duct cleaning contractors use cameras and periscopes to get a clear picture of the extent of the damage and to better understand how much cleaning needs to be done.


Cleaning tools and equipment


While cameras and drills are used to access the ductwork, the actual cleaning is completed with the help of the air duct cleaning equipment. 


Duct Cleaning Vacuum

A duct cleaning vacuum is used to suck dust and debris out of the ductwork. It is a large, portable van/truck-mounted piece of equipment. A duct cleaning vacuum is the foundation of the duct cleaning process. 


Duct Cleaning Air Compressor

The purpose of duct cleaning air compressors is to convert power to energy and to release pressurized air. 


Duct cleaning skipper balls

Skipper balls are small tools that clean dirt and debris inside the ductwork. In combination with air whips, duct cleaning skipper balls help effectively clean the duct without damaging it. 


Duct cleaning rods

Cleaning rods are used in combination with a cleaning brush. A duct cleaning rod and brush can be used to clean the ductwork areas that are sensitive and hard to reach. 


Choosing the proper air duct cleaning equipment may be challenging, especially for those new to the air handling business. Therefore, it is recommended to speak to a reliable air-handling equipment supplier to get professional advice before the purchase. Heat Seal is a trusted manufacturer of quality air-handling equipment. We are always ready to guide you on a variety of air-handling tools and equipment and help you choose the right product for your business. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the products we offer or inquire about a specific product.