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Insulation Removal Vacuum Bags – What to Look For

January 31, 2017

When cleaning a duct or HVAC system, you need to have the right bags for collecting the debris dislodged during the cleaning process. It by extension involves the selection of the right insulation removal vacuum bags for the job. It is important to consider the capacity of the bag you select, as it determines the quantity of debris that can be collected at any given time. When choosing the correct vacuum bag for your specific needs, it is also critical to check on the quality, the durability, elasticity and capacity of the bag.

Processes involved in choosing insulation removal vacuum bags

Classified by capacity, insulation removal vacuum bags are grouped into various sizes by cubic feet or meters. As a rule, selecting a multi-purpose removal bag with a capacity higher that your daily average work output from the cleaning services is recommended. At the same time, it should be strong enough to hold large quantities of debris pumped out from the ducts without tearing or receiving damage. When handling toxic and otherwise hazardous waste from the vents, it is advisable to have vacuum bags that are airtight and able to withhold toxins from being released into the environment.

Whether looking for low bulk, strong, stackable, tough or multi-purpose insulation removal vacuum bags, it is important to establish your targets and goals prior to shopping for the bags. This is important as it defines how easily you achieve your daily targets for collecting and disposing of debris resulting from your daily operations. At the heart of looking into the welfare of your business is the need for quality products that will not fail. Heat Seal Equipment Ltd is best positioned to deliver what discerning clients expect from vacuum bags. Our bags are tough and designed to serve multi-purpose needs so that our customers can be assured of getting exceptional products for their requirements.