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Portable vs. Truck-Mounted Duct Cleaning Vacuums: What to Choose?

November 28, 2022

When choosing a duct-cleaning vacuum for your duct-cleaning business, many aspects come into play. Suction power, hose diameter, and debris retention are the three most important aspects that set apart a portable duct cleaning vacuum from the truck-mounted one. Read this blog to learn more about key differences between the two types of equipment. 


Portable vs. Truck-Mounted Duct Cleaning Vacuums


Suction power

The number one aspect to consider is the suction power. Truck-mounted vacuums offer better suction power than portable ones. They are, therefore, more efficient in eliminating the contaminants and debris from the ductwork. Portable duct cleaning vacuums offer a lower suction rate, but the key benefit is that you can easily move them around and access hard-to-reach areas. 


Hose diameter

The suction hose diameter is important when it comes to sucking out larger particles from the duct. Truck-mounted duct cleaning vacuums use larger hose diameters of 8” to 10” and can draw in particles of all sizes, be it dust or toys/animal droppings. Smaller size hose is not as efficient in removing large debris. 


Debris retention

Truck-mounted duct cleaning vacuums suck out the debris into the equipment parked outside your house, so chances of dust and contaminants leaking back into your home are low. A portable vacuum works from inside your home, meaning there’s always a slight chance of dust leaking into your home, especially if the filters inside the vacuum are dirty. 


To sum it up, your choice of equipment primarily depends on your goals and needs. If you plan to work on large projects like commercial buildings, a truck-mounted equipment is your go-to choice. A portable duct-cleaning vacuum is also an indispensable tool in your arsenal of duct-cleaning equipment. 

If you are looking for quality duct cleaning equipment and parts, reach out to Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. Since 1975, we have been selling our equipment in Canada and globally. Call us today to inquire about all the air duct cleaning equipment we offer.