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Important Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Duct Cleaning Air Compressor

January 18, 2019

The air compressor is used for its power. Installing an air compressor generates powered air that flows through the duct system, serving to clean the ducts by blowing contaminants, debris, and dirt away. Using an air compressor can remove even the most caked on duct surfaces with relative ease.


What factors are at play when considering what Duct Cleaning Air Compressor to purchase?


Choosing the right air compressor will depend on a number of factors, the following are important factors to consider when selecting an air compressor for your duct system:


Scope of the Job

  • One factor is determining the scope of the job at hand. Ultimately, determining how caked on is the debris within the ducts, will decide how much power you require and what type of air compressor makes the most sense for your needs.


Chemical and Physical Properties of the Lodged Debris

  • Another important consideration is in considering what type of debris and contaminants are lodged within the ducts. Different debris and contaminants have different chemical and physical properties. This affects their caking strength which should better inform you on the level of power your air compressor should have to remove it.


Fragility of Duct Surfaces

  • One other important factor to consider is determining the fragility of the duct system’s internal surfaces. If the ducts have been corroded over time – excessive pressure may only serve to further deteriorate them. Determining the manufacturer recommended pressure ranges should also serve to impact your decision in purchasing an air compressor for your duct system.


The Heat Seal Difference


Removing caked on contaminants, debris, and dirt from duct airway systems can be a daunting and seemingly impossible task. However, Heat Seal offers the perfect solution to this problem. We understand the difference using a duct cleaning air compressor makes in preventing blocked duct systems, which is why we’ve developed the latest and greatest in air compressor technology to ensure your ducts remain unobstructed and clear of contaminants, debris and dirt.