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Role Of Duct Mask In Air Duct Cleaning

August 15, 2023

There are numerous air duct cleaning equipment that have a specialized purpose. When it comes to effective duct cleaning, these tools ensure cleaning, collecting and a whole lot more. One such air duct cleaning tool used during a commercial cleaning process is known as a duct mask. In this blog, the definition of a duct mask and its role in efficient duct cleaning will be discussed. Moreover, the proper way to select a duct mask for a particular task will also be addressed.


What Is A Duct Mask?


A duct mask is a form of adhesive material that is used to check the air pressure of a duct system. Apart from checking for air pressure within a particular system, it is also used to check for any leaks, as it can cause complications during cleaning. Essentially, an effective duct mask can stop any leaks during the cleaning process.


This air duct cleaning equipment has a super adhesive at the back which allows it to easily stick to any surface. Furthermore, it comes in a package that is easy to trim, ensuring simple and hassle-free installation.


How To Select A Duct Mask During A Duct Cleaning Operation?


In order to select an effective duct mask for an operation, it is necessary to determine its sturdiness against surface pressure. Hence, the higher the surface pressure of a duct, the sturdier the duct mask has to be to fulfill its intended use. 


Apart from choosing a mask according to pressure, it is also essential to thoroughly clean the duct surface to ensure that the adhesive on the duct mask can fully adhere to its surface.


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