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A Simple Guide to the Insulation Blowing Machine

June 16, 2020

There’s no denying the utility of the insulation blowing machine when it comes to insulating residential homes. Proper home insulation ultimately leads to increased energy efficiency and provides a comfortable indoor environment when it comes to heating and cooling. It is for these reasons that it is imperative for insulation to be properly installed and maintained. 


Insulation blowing machines can aid ensuring that insulation is effectively installed and maintained. 


In today’s blog, we’ll provide a brief overview of insulation blowing equipment. 


What are the benefits?


Insulation blowing-type machines offer a range of benefits to their users. Blown-in insulation is an efficient alternative in comparison to other insulation installation methods. While it is advised that only air handling service professionals use these machines, they are also quite user-friendly and convenient. This makes for a quick and easy installation process - saving you time and money. 


How do they operate?


Air pressure is generated by the machine, and a blower or air compressor blows out the insulation for an even coating. While these machines seem simple enough to use, it is integral that you consult with the manufacturer or take the advice from the supplier on what type of machine would best suit your needs. Sizing, strength, and power-sourcing are all important factors to consider when making the choice to purchase insulation blowing equipment. 


How are they maintained?


All machines and equipment will require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating at peak efficiency. You’ll want to take steps to perform inspections and maintenance on your machine to reduce the risk of downtime. Seek a maintenance kit in the event that anything should go wrong. If machine issues are beyond the scope of what you’re capable of handling, then seek the services of a reputable blowing machine repair service. 


Are you in need of a quality insulation blowing machine?


Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. offers a large range of insulation blowing equipment for air handling and HVAC companies. Our products are known for their quality, efficiency, and durability - and are available in a variety of options including models that work with has, diesel, and electricity. For all your air handling equipment needs, be sure to call Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. today!