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Tips To Buy The Best Duct Cleaning Air Compressor

January 27, 2022

Duct cleaning air compressors are important in cleaning operations because they provide a powerful vacuum that can easily remove dust and debris, thereby eliminating health risks. Moreover, due to their multifaceted nature, they can be used in reverse, knocking and removing debris, dirt, and other stubborn materials from vent corners. Thus it’s clear that every team needs an excellent air compressor to perform their task effectively. 

Here are 4 factors to pick out the perfect duct cleaning air compressor for your crew.


The size of the air compressor is often the deciding factor when considering the best-suited equipment, and the main determinant of size is based on the amount of airflow required for a job. Consequently, compressors come in various sizes and can be anywhere from 100 pounds to 3 tons. Hence, if a cleaning company needs a large amount of airflow, then they may choose a larger compressor with a similar capacity. However, if they only need moderate airflow, they would be better off with a smaller and cheaper compressor that can run for hours.

Cubic Feet Per Minute

A compressor should also have high cubic feet per minute, which basically means the volume of air the compressor can generate at a certain pressure level. Thus, machines with a high CFM can clean vent ducts much more effectively and easily prevent dust build-up. Hence, it is better to use an air compressor with a high CFM and a higher PSI. For example, an air compressor with more than 300 CFM is highly effective because it can push out dirt easily, allowing vent vacuums to collect the sediments and residue quickly.

PSI Rating

PSI rating measures the pressure created by an air compressor and will help you determine the type of equipment you can use to clean your ducts. A standard air compressor will create enough pressure to clean your ducts as long as it has a 175 - 300 PSI rating. This ensures that the air compressor does not cause possible dents while removing stubborn dirt and debris.

Brand and Post-Sales Services

Good aftersales guarantees that your new air compressor will receive support from its manufacturer for possible damages and maintenance diagnostics in the future. Active post-sales services really help buyers to keep their machine in great shape and extend its lifespan.

To conclude, if you keep these 4 criteria in mind, then finding the perfect duct cleaning air compressor will be a cakewalk.

You can always count on us at Heat Seal Equipment to provide you with the best duct cleaning tools, air compressors, and others tools that you might need for your operations. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.