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Importance Of Suction Hose During Duct Cleaning

June 12, 2024
Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers In Ajax

Among the many important air duct cleaning tools such as duct cleaning vacuums and brushes, suction hoses often take the backseat. However, they are as important as the other components, if not more. Moreover, there are some different varieties of suction hoses, depending upon application. Therefore, the importance of these hoses and two varieties will be addressed in this blog.


Why Are Suction Hoses Important?


Great Flexibility For Better Accessibility


By design, these hoses are made to be extremely flexible, mainly due to the ridges present in the exterior. This makes it easier to navigate tight spaces which is very important during duct cleaning.


Small Structural Changes Can Damage The Pipes


Another reason why it is very important to keep an eye on suction hoses is ovalization. It is a phenomenon, wherein the round shape of the pipe becomes oval over time. This eventually leads to complete collapse or damage of certain sections of the hose, requiring a complete replacement.


Hoses Offered By Heat Seal Equipment Ltd.


At Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., our suction hoses are designed for both air duct cleaning as well as insulation removal vacuums. Our two varieties are:


Black Knight Suction Hose


Designed for intense operation, the Black Knight suction hose is equipped with a polythene rib on the outside to prevent the ovalization mentioned above. Made of E.P.D.M rubber, they are known for exceptional durability and flexibility even in cold weather conditions.


Clear Hose


For more lightweight operations, the clear hose is a perfect choice. It is known for its lightweight nature and exceptional flexibility, making it very easy to store and transport as required. However, due to these reasons, they are only suited to be paired with portable machines such as electric duct cleaning vacuums or the hyper vac variations.


For more details on our suction hoses, or to place an order, reach out to us at Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. today. Manufacturers of quality air duct cleaning tools and insulation removal equipment such as skipper balls, skipper lines, brushes, insulation removal vacuum or duct cleaning vacuum, reach out to us at Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. In operation since 1975, we are a leading provider of high-quality duct/vent equipment and relevant parts. Call us today to inquire about our massive inventory of equipment and parts.