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Benefits Of An Electric Insulation Blowing Machine

June 13, 2018

Heat Seal offers a wide range of insulation blowing machines for businesses large and sole. These are available in a number of fuel configurations, which help suit it even more to the business and allow greater flexibility in use and freedom of operation.


Recently, with the call for adoption of environmentally friendly technologies louder than ever, the electric insulation blowing machine has become a much more sought after product. And we look at what some benefits of choosing an electrically powered insulation blowing machine are.


An electrically powered insulation blowing machine is a great option for both home and business use, especially when it can be run off readily available household power.



Electric insulation blowing machines can be significantly lighter and smaller than their gasoline or diesel powered brethren. This makes them significantly more portable and manageable for one or two persons. It means these can be carried in smaller vehicles to job sites, and can be positioned more suitably at the site, allowing you options to run the hose.



Whereas an insulation blowing machine is not going to be silent, cutting down on the noise, heat and vibration of a fossil-fuel machine makes for a much calmer environment. Not only will your employees be able to communicate without the use of hand signals, it keeps clients and their neighbours happy too.


No noxious exhaust

An insulation blowing machine, not an exhaust billowing machine. For small projects, which home insulation blowing is, not having noxious fumes pervade the house is always appreciated by clients. Coupled with the much lower NVH of an electric insulation blowing machine, clients can barely tell that their house has been given a major efficiency overhaul.



Traditionally, powerful is an adjective that has been reserved for gasoline and diesel powered insulation blowing machines and, certainly, the upper echelon of insulation blowing machines still prefers fossil fuel drive. However, electric motors have become far stronger. The options in electrically driven insulation blowing machines has increased significantly, making them much more adaptable to job and blown insulation material.


Heat Seal is the trusted go-to for insulation blowing machines, insulation removal, dryer vent cleaning and more. We are one of the most reputed equipment and accessory makers in the industry, and our machines are known for their thoughtful touches. Other than supplying a large customer base in Toronto and the GTA our products are shipped USA- and Canada-wide.