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The Essential Guide to Duct Cleaning Air Compressors

October 23, 2019

When it comes to selecting a suitable duct cleaning air compressor for your daily business operations, it is essential to have a basic understanding of how these air compressors are categorized and what type would be best suited for your application.


Heat Seal Equipment offers duct cleaning air compressors to meet your needs. Today we’ll delve into the basics of how they work, and how to figure out which compressor makes the most sense for you.



What are duct cleaning air compressors used for?


Air compressors convert power (i.e. via electric motor, diesel, gasoline engine, etc.) to energy stored as compressed air. Air compressors release pressurized air for a diverse range of applications. As its name suggests, duct cleaning compressors are designed and manufactured with the purpose of meeting the rigorous demands of cleaning complex air duct systems.



What air compressor makes the most sense for me?


Trying to figure out what type of air compressor you need for your air handling business is largely dependent on the specificity of your everyday needs. An array of duct cleaning compressors are available, but it’s important that you find a solution that will adequately meet daily operational demands.


Doing your due-diligence by conducting research, and asking the advice of a reputable duct cleaning compressor vendor ahead of time can alleviate any stress you might feel when it comes to making a decision on the sales floor.



Where can I find a quality air compressor for purchase?


Heat Seal Equipment offers the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensuring you walk away with a suitable duct cleaning compressor solution that perfectly meets your everyday business demands. We offer three models: the Pacific Ranger Compressor, the Portable Electric Compressor, and the Portable Gas Compressor. All of our models offer different capabilities, so as previously mentioned – it is essential that you understand what capabilities you’re looking for in order to perform duct cleaning tasks more efficiently, and productively in the long-term.



If you’re still confused about what air duct compressor to opt for, do not hesitate to call a Heat Seal technician today. We’d be happy to help you find a solution that perfectly meets your business needs!