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An Insulation Blowing Machine: An Essential Guide

August 29, 2018

When purchasing new air handling equipment, be aware of the bad duct cleaning equipment on the market. Before you make a big purchase, make sure you get informed. Poor equipment is everywhere in the industry, some sellers are taking advantage and overcharging for mediocre products.


A popular product on the market is the insulation blowing machine. Its purpose is handling loose-fill insulation materials, these materials include fiberglass, cellulose, wool or mineral. Every blowing machine possesses high standards of craftsmanship and are simple yet powerful. In short, they are reliable.


The Different Types of an Insulation Blowing Machine


We have products that demonstrate extreme durability. This is because we put in the best care and quality control into every product that we make. This is a result of over 30 years of the best service we have given our clientele.


Here are four insulation blowing machine models that we believe to be the best:


  • HS 5000 Gas Insulation Blowing Machine: This machine has an airlock exhauster that has a bleed off mechanism that makes coverage better and reduces dust efficiently. It is powered by a 22HP cylinder Honda gasoline engine equipped with an electric start. It also has electro-magnetic double clutches that uses a remote control to allow the flow of air and other materials.
  • HS 5500 Gas Insulation Blowing Machine: Similar to the 5000, the 5500 also has an airlock exhauster that improves coverage and reduces dust, however it is powered by a 22HP Honda gasoline engine that has two cylinders and is air cooled.
  • HS 5000 Electric Insulation Blowing Machine: The airlock exhauster is the same as the aforementioned machines but instead it is powered by a two – three phase 5HP high efficiency motor.
  • HS 5500 Diesel Insulation Blowing Machine: Despite running the same airlock exhauster, this machine is powered by a 1001cc Kubota diesel engine with 3 cylinders and a 26-amp alternator.


At Heat Seal Equipment, we offer your business the best cost-effective insulation blowing machines. We have models that work with diesel, gas, or electricity. Our business offers flexibility like none other, especially in accommodating all the unique needs of our customers. Call or email us today to get started on making your business cleaner and more profitable!