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3 Clear Indications Your Insulation Removal Vacuum is Functioning Normally

October 19, 2020

Without an insulation removal vacuum, it's almost impossible to finish stripping expired, dried spray foam or drywalls from attics. Furthermore, cleaning up the waste insulation will take more time from your everyday operations. In this light, these machines play a significant role for many businesses that use air handling equipment in home and building renovation projects. 

Your tools are still working fine if you are experiencing these three advantages:

You're Still Finishing Tasks On Time

If it's been two or three years since you've rolled out your insulation removal vacuum in the field but you still find that you're still getting excellent results from it -- this is a great sign. You can accomplish insulation stripping and removal tasks in no time. Furthermore, you’ll find that your team even beats your deadlines faster. If you're doing more with less time using your machine -- and you do not hear funny noises -- your insulation-stripping vacuum is still top-notch.

Machines Can Go On For Hours

All your insulation removal vacuum machines can operate daily for 6-8 hours. In the last few years, you haven't seen them break down or emit any strange noises as you consistently work them through your daily operations. If this is the case, you have nothing to worry about. Regular maintenance and inspections should help you keep the functionality of the vacuum aligned and efficient for years to come.

Daily and Regular Technician Maintenance Sees Few Problems

Daily inspection routines allow your personnel to benchmark your machine's performance. Regular technician maintenance, which it must have once every 2-3 months, is essential in helping curb the tiniest problems before they evolve to huge, expensive ones. If both inspections see few issues, then you've got great machines on your hands!

Trust Only Reputable Manufacturers For Any Replacement You Need

However, no vacuum or machine can last forever -- these tools will wear out and suffer from damages over time. If you need replacements, you can trust Heat Seal Equipment LTD's 30 years of experience in providing you with the best selection of air handling equipment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!