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Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in 4 Steps

February 11, 2019


Keeping dryer vents clean is not only important for maintaining the efficiency of a dryer, but is also necessary for preventing overheating and possible fires.




A dryer vent that is cleaned on a regular basis (at least once a year) will result in a dryer that removes more lint from clothing and dries clothes faster with better airflow, thereby keeping utility costs low. All of these benefits come with using the appropriate dryer vent cleaning tools. Here are the steps that a professional takes to conduct a thorough cleaning of a dryer vent.


Step 1. Inspection

One or more technicians will begin the cleaning process by performing an inspection of dryer vents and providing an assessment of airflow and vent conditions. The most important thing they are looking for during this inspection is any damaged or crushed areas of a vent that allow lint and other debris to spill out. If repairs are not needed, the technicians will then set up their dryer vent cleaning tools at the termination point of the duct, which is located outside.


Step 2. Vent line is cleaned

A professional will use compressed air to remove lint and debris from a vent. A skipper line is a cleaning tool that makes use of high-compressed air and skipper ball attachments to control the direction of airflow. A skipper line with a forward skipper ball attached to it will loosen and push debris away from the technician and towards a suction hose at the other end of the vent, while a skipper line attached to a reverse skipper ball will push debris towards the technician and a suction hose placed near them. The reverse skipper ball is also used to push the skipper line forward and further into the vent. The skipper line can be pushed from one end of the vent to the other to thoroughly clean the vent.


Step 3. Transition hose maintenance

If there is a transition hose connecting the dryer machine to the wall duct, this should also be cleaned by a technician using dryer vent cleaning tools. The transition hose will be shortened or replaced if it is defective.


Step 4. Final clean up and assessment

The dryer is disconnected and moved to allow the technician to sweep under and behind it. If necessary, the inside of the dryer and the lint trap are also cleaned. A final inspection is conducted to ensure that airflow has improved after cleaning.


A trusted technician will follow all of these steps, and potentially additional ones, using high-quality dryer vent cleaning tools. Using the right tools for a dryer vent is essential for the safety of anyone who uses the dryer. Check out this blog to learn how the appropriate dryer vent cleaning tools can prevent fire hazards.


At Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., we provide cleaning solutions for clogged dryer vents. Our tools can help technicians provide high-quality cleaning services with efficiency. Contact us today to learn which cleaning tools, parts or accessories are best suited for your needs—our representatives are on standby!